Life is full of peaks and valleys. Sometimes the valleys can feel as though we are swimming against the tide with no hope of reaching shore. You may recognize that something in your life is not working but feel overwhelmed with how to change your situation. You may feel stuck or hopeless.

Making the decision to begin therapy takes courage. It requires vulnerability. It can feel intimidating to share your unedited story with someone else. But you are not alone. Your story is unique and deserves to be respected and honored by an honest and objective professional.

on therapy

A therapeutic relationship is different than a friendship. By design, there are clear, professional boundaries that allow the therapist to listen and observe objectively while giving honest feedback.

The therapist uses evidenced based models to explore one’s inner narrative and patterns of functioning within their system.

The therapist works from a position of empathy, not judgment or shame. Working together, the client and therapist begin to explore new ways of functioning.

Therapy is not a quick fix. It takes an openness, some creativity, humor, grace, and hard work for both the client and the therapist. It takes a willingness on behalf of the client to receive feedback and to be challenged.